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The full offer from conversation to realization

IBN: This is a team player that delivers on the promise of quality

We design the perfect overall picture from the perfect elements, combining unconventional solutions with the precision of engineers.

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Services with added value

We meet expectations and we can exceed the highest expectations


Analysis, design, optimization, security, testing – this is how we turn virtual plans into real results

Installation design

From the project, to the cabinet assembly, to the installation audit, to the shopping list, to the on-site support of the customer’s team

Virtual commissioning

Detailed testing and simulation of each system element: Higher efficiency and fewer errors since day one

Electrical installation

Precise execution of the exact project: cables, cabinets, measurement and personal supervision during the commissioning of the production line

Robots and PLC

We program, integrate and optimize the functioning of each robot, system and driver in turn

Process optimization

Wir koordinieren, optimieren und stimmen ab. Das, was gut funktioniert, fängt an, noch besser zu funktionieren

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Before you trust us, check who trusted us before you. We meet the requirements of the best because we are demanding ourselves. If you are looking for perfection, you have come to the right place.