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Each realization means different challenges and different solutions with which we have answered them. Only the quality is always the same.

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We are proud to work for the best. In our IBN Systemtechnik portfolio are among others realizations for:

  • BMW, Dingolfing – Side frame welding lines G31/G61
  • BMW, Spartanburg – Metal finish assembly G05
  • BMW, Spartanburg – Motor assembly G03
  • Gestamp, Westerburg – Bumper welding lines BMW G26
  • Daimler, Sindelfingen – Roof assembly BR214
  • Daimler, Charleston – Sidewall welding lines VS30
  • Accumotive, Kamenz – Daimler battery line PB300, EB311
  • Daimler, Heilbronn – Daimler Hood BR223, Daimler Hood V297
  • Porsche, Leipzig – Dynamische Kommissionierung
  • Porsche, Mühlacker – Underbody welding lines Porsche J1
  • Porsche, Heilbronn – Side frame welding lines inner PO992
  • Volkswagen, Zwickau – Side frame welding lines inner XX316/x
  • Volkswagen, Wolfsburg – Side frame welding lines inner
  • Volkswagen, Zwickau – Side frame welding lines outer XX310
  • Volkswagen, Poznań – Underbody welding lines VN35S
  • Volkswagen, Września – Underbody welding lines VN54X